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CIBAKERT Agricultural Ltd. (CIBAKERT Mezőgazdasági Kft.) is a business founded on March 15, 1993, for mainly the production and integration of industrial plants, specializing in vegetables under exclusively irrigated conditions. Trying to navigate the economic turmoil following the political changes in the early nineties we have found a niche market, and with overcoming many difficulties, a lot of hard work and sacrifice, and sometimes luck, we could begin the path to growth. The central issue of our constantly expanding integrated territories was maintaining quality and reliable production, the continuous testing of different vegetable varieties and acquiring the seed supply directly, so close relationships were formed with various seed companies as well.
It followed, that in 1996 the Dutch Pop Vriend seed production company asked us to represent them in Hungary. Due to the strong market demand, our output, integration and seed trading business grew steadily. The further expansion of our production area was due to buying irrigation systems under bankruptcy procedure in Kétpó in 2000, and in 2004 in Kuncsorba and finally renting out the land underneath them. Along with this, seed trade and the integration of other producers also saw a considerable boost, which in 2002 prompted us to separate commercial and service activity from CIBAKERT Agricultural Ltd’s base agricultural activity with the formation of new companies and created CIBAKERT MAG Seed Trade Ltd. (CIBAKERT MAG Vetőmagkereskedelmi Kft.) and CIBAKERT PO Vegetable Producers' Sales Cooperative (CIBAKERT TÉSz Zöldségtermelői Értékesítő Szövetkezet) which ceased its operations at the end of 2017.

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